Living With A Mental Illness

I’ve been diagnosed with MDD and GAD (major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder). Now, most recently, I’ve been told I have a mood disorder. I don’t like being labeled, I simply have some problems. Doesn’t everybody? Some days are easier than others. I’ve been put on a new medication, and combined with my other one, I become very sleepy. Living with anything in this nature is hard, and people might not really understand it.

If you tell people you’ve been diagnosed with depression, most of them follow up with the “You just need to get out more!” statement. Uh, no. People may think it’s only about popping pills. A BIG no to that too! There’s more to just the medicine. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, go to counseling, and check-ups through out your time on medication. Even without a mental illness, all of these are important in general for everyone. Some people don’t even take medication. We need to break the stigma and the stereotypes behind people with mental illnesses. What people with these problems want is a supportive group of friends and family, a happy life, and to make other people feel better. The happiest people usually are the saddest, though I’m sure the saddest people aren’t the happiest.

I take everyday day by day. I’ll be okay. And so will you.

– Ashton


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