But, Why The Name Bubbz?


It’s Bubbz here. Come to think about it, it’s a pretty weird nickname, huh? Well, there’s a story…

My Mom had gifted me the lovely nickname of Bubbe, and I adored it. People would often ask me how the HECK I got this name, but it stuck. I always assumed that it was meant to be spelt Bubbie, but I had been wrong. So, the nicknaming started to be more diverse. My Mom started calling me Bubbie Wubbers. I’d try to make new accounts with the name, “Bubbie” but since those were already taken, I chose Bubbie Wabaz.

Creative, I know. Adding the Z adds so much flair.

I began just shorting it down to Bubbz, but around the house, I’m still Bubbie. When picking out the name for my blog, Mom had the brilliant idea of calling it A Bubbz Life, due to my love of the movie, A Bug’s Life. Hence, a wonderful blog name was born.

My brother Liam and sister Ava have the nicknames Bubba and Bootsie respectfully.

Nicknames can get weird.


– Ashton


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