Monthly Favorites

April Favorites

I had some top favorites this month! Thought I’d share some so you could enjoy them too.


A Film


Turbo Kid

I only watched a few movies this month, but by far, Turbo Kid stood out greatly. The concept is wonderful, and has the beautiful quirks and originality that most of the movies at the Sundance Film Festival have. Also over-the-top gore in some parts, which makes it sometimes comical, but still keeps a poignant story behind it. Set in a dystopic 80’s feel, this movie has wonderful music. To sum it up:


All the synths.


A Drink or Food


Recently, I learned how to make an espresso. It involves lots… and I mean LOTS of stirring! Pouring the essentially ‘whipped sugar’ into black coffee makes a delicious brew. I’m absolutely in love. Thank goodness for Café Bustelo.



Dream House

Written by the lovely Marzia Bisognin, this book had me turning the pages till I got to the end. It’s a nice quick read, and a good book to keep you wondering the reality of the whole story. I really enjoyed it, and had been anticipating the book since it had been announced. For me, the story takes a little bit to start off and break from the repetitiveness, but once the plot twist is revealed it makes sense.


Makeup Product


MAC Halsey Lipstick

I was confident I would be able to pull off this lipstick, and I really couldn’t not get this lipstick. Not only is it a beautiful unique color, it’s made by favorite female musical artist. The texture of this matte lipstick is creamy, and it holds out through the day without coming off. I only needed to reapply once! It doesn’t make your lips dry like most matte formulas. And, on top of all this, it smells DELICIOUS! Like vanilla cupcakes and Chris Evans. No joke.

I hope you all enjoyed this! I had so much fun looking back to see what my favorite things were this month. What were your favorite things? Let me know!

Happy almost May!

– Ashton



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